The first step in consulting is defining your needs. Once that has been done the next step is putting together a strategy to accomplish the goal of addressing the concern and working together on a solution.

This is what we do.

Environmental, Health and Safety is an extremely vast and overwhelming arena. We understand this and have an extremely large network of professionals ready to serve in whatever field that you may need assistance with.

Here is a small sample of consulting tasks that we have performed-

OSHA Abatement strategy:

OSHA Abatement strategy of acceptance or rejection, fine negotiation, abatement management, communication with OSHA, extensions, Health and Safety Program adjustments, training, and resolution.

OSHA Voluntary pre-audit:

Before you call OSHA for a voluntary audit contact us first. We will conduct a comprehensive audit and give you a report of actionable items to address on your schedule. Not the mandatory time to fix that the citation on a voluntary inspection will impose. Example ventilation systems upgrade or repair could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you may not have budgeted for right now.

Environmental, Health and Safety Programs:

If you are looking for a Health and Safety program that you can implement into your company or looking to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your existing program, American Health and Safety LLC has extensive experience at building, managing, auditing EHS Programs. We have a close relationship with OSHA for any upcoming EHS changes to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of regulations and compliance. That relationship also assists us by knowing the hot buttons that OSHA is currently focused on for enforcement.

Site Specific requests:

 Can we cut trees down where these ducks are nesting? We are clearing land for a subdivision.”

“How long till we have to come off the scaffolding if there was a lightning strike?”

“Any recommendations for storm water runoff at my site”

“Can you make a site-specific safety plan for the Corps of Engineers?”

We had a 1000 gallon Glycol spill, what do we do now?”

Just reach out with your inquiry and we will begin manifesting the solution in an informative, quick and responsive manner.