Working with us

Calm professionalism is the goal. We work hard internally to produce employees that exemplify this trait. With so much of our work being jobsite related whether as a site safety officer or consultant on a site. The need to be able to work with others in high stress positions, working on high production timelines that are results driven. Calm professionalism is mandatory. Finding solutions to challenges with a realistic approach for the working person is equally important. Balancing all of these dynamics is what makes American Health and Safety LLC special.

Working at AHS LLC is an awesome opportunity to experience the Health and safety industry like few get to. With the diversity of work that comes our way, every day is an opportunity to grow and get better.

Our employees get the opportunity to travel around the great state of Alaska performing our assigned duties. We are exposed to multiple industries and get to learn about Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Shipping, Mines, power plants, hospitals, satellites, radars, and mom and pop operations. It’s a great life if you love to learn.

If you would like to learn more about working with a rapidly expanding health and safety company, please don’t hesitate in reaching out and dropping a resume into our inbox. We are always interviewing potential candidates that we feel bring solid core values, ethics, charisma and personality to AHS LLC.

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